Recycling + Deadline = Deck Chairs

Recycling + Deadline = Deck Chairs

The holiday season is always a reason to have a deadline. This year we are hosting guests. We needed to make our house more comfortable, and we knew we did not have enough seating for everyone, so we focused on building chairs.

One reason we felt we could meet this deadline is that over the years, we’ve created a stock pile of scrap material (mostly wood) from various projects and we now had a lot to work with. The available materials stimulated our imagination and helped us form the concept for a design. Plus, we are always looking for ways to use recycle scrap wood and keep our woodshop/garage clean. This double duty task of recycling wood and getting new seating made for a very satisfying project.

First, we took an inventory and identified the wood we wanted to use. We did not know how many chairs we could get but we knew we had enough to start the project. We then built a prototype out of scrap plywood. We sat on it to get a feel for what dimensions to use and to see how low or high to make it. There was also the matter of testing it for comfort. Once the design was ‘mocked up’ and we decided what to change, we built the first chair and then a second. We hoped to have a total of four, but we ran out of material. Nevertheless, we are happy with the results; these chairs are very sturdy and comfortable and will be useful for a long time.

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