Hart Wright Architects is Certified DBE

Hart Wright Architects is Certified DBE

We are proud to announce Hart Wright Architects has been certified DBE, a designation that stands for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. The US Department of Transportation has mandated in its code of regulations that any public agency that receives federal assistance must participate in a certification program. This means that recipients of this funding must hire small minority and women owned businesses for a portion of their projects. In order for a firm to be recognized as a small minority or woman owned business, it must become certified.

USDOT fund recipients can be municipalities, counties, transit agencies or airports. Certification gives a small business a marketing advantage and exposure to these public agencies, projects, large contracting companies and consulting agencies that are required by law to use these small certified firms.

Principal Eliza Hart has a degree in Urban Planning and a background in urban design. She worked in Los Angeles with urban designer, architect and author, John Kaliski on various projects. Examples include: developing housing prototypes for Anaheim, CA. Writing design guidelines for commercially zoned boulevards in Los Angeles and developing land use maps for the areas around the new subway stops in Hollywood, CA.

This certification allows them to partner with larger firms. With this certification, Hart Wright Architects will broaden its client base to include public agencies and expand its geographic area to all of California. The firm expects to grow its business in the coming months, in part based on this newly-achieved distinction as they move into the public sector.

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