Custom Dining Room Table Preview

Custom Dining Room Table Preview

It’s always satisfying when, nearing the end of a remodel project,  the client adds a fun mini project to finish off the experience. In this case we were asked to design a new rectangular dining table that would integrate into a dining room that contained both old and new cabinetry and would be used on a daily basis. We subsequently nick-named the table “Coda”

When an opportunity to check on its progress came up two days after Christmas we jumped on it. It turns out it just needs a final sanding then a clear coat and it will be ready for delivery. We were so excited we thought we’d share a preview photo. Look for a final update photo soon!

As for the design, we’ve been exploring the use of plywood in our cabinetry and furniture for a while and this table ended up being a hybrid of expressed plywood and solid wood. The legs are constructed of  2 layers of 15 ply maple veneered plywood (Europly) and the top is made from solid planks of American Walnut selected by the clients. We think the mix of the exposed plies of the plywood and the walnut results in a modern casual elegance that suits the rest of the remodel, more info on this coming soon.

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