Bay Area Peninsula Remodel

Bay Area Peninsula Remodel

Here is a recently completed remodel of a house on the Peninsula. Back to back fireplaces created a block between spaces.  The living room was so disconnected from the rest of the house that it was hardly used. We removed one fireplace and created flow between the dining room and living room. The kitchen was completely remodeled. To save cost, the configuration was only slightly altered but there is more storage and by removing part of a wall, it feels more open. The peninsula counter top is marble, and the “el” is black granite. The entry was an enclosed room and now it is a flowing open space between the kitchen, living and dining rooms.

See plans below:

Kitchen before…

Kitchen after, picture taken from the same spot

Standing in the remodeled entry

The fireplace in the living room was kept

Here’ the living room now with walls removed, and the fireplace has been refinished

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