Success through Collaboration

It starts with conversations that become tangible drawings, detailing every decision and every inch. It continues with constant communication to ensure you know exactly how the work is progressing, and have a say in where it goes next. It rests on a foundation of artistic vision, pragmatic expertise, and talented craftspeople. And in the end, it looks and feels like home: the place where you can work, play, and live the full expression of your unique aesthetic.

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Defining Bay Area Modern

We live in a very special place. The Bay Area has been a bastion for forward thinking, disruptive creativity, and iconic architecture for over a century. Balancing rich history with rapid change often falls on the shoulders of architects and their clients. This is a challenge we relish: designing a bold vision for our region that sits seamlessly among our most beautiful relics and epic vistas. Proudly regional, proudly Californian. Deeply respectful of nature, neighbors, and resources. Livability that’s always looking ahead. This is what Bay Area Modern means to us.

Sustainability by Design

While the word sustainability may seem murky in other disciplines, it’s a pretty straightforward and integral part of architecture. We all study this stuff, and at Hart Wright, we’re passionate about practicing it. Here’s how we’d approach your project:

Our region is known for its stunning variety of microclimates, so this is where we start: how do we want the building to respond to the seismic and wind conditions, soil conditions, site constraints, rain, humidity and temperature variations that are unique to your neighborhood? We place the building in the orientation that will take best advantage of the sun’s energy. We maximize energy efficiency by considering wall and roof construction, window placement, and just the right amount of insulation. We use renewable materials wherever we can, and are conscious of water usage and preservation. If your project is a remodel, we recycle or reuse as many of the existing building’s materials as possible. And we integrate technology where and when appropriate, including active solar energy systems to offset energy consumption.

The end result: a home that’s bright and beautiful, temperate, cost-efficient to maintain, and designed for happy living in the long term.


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